New Photos Point To US Expansion Of Military Bases Ahead Of Syria Withdrawal

U.S. troops, which are supposed to be winding down their presence in Syria, appear to be constructing a new military base and expanding existing bases in northern Syria.

A Twitter user, @obretix, has noted few more signs of Trump’s widely-announced troops withdrawal from Syria.

For example, the “withdrawing” US troops are setting up a new military base in the area between Tell Baydar and Tell Tamr in northern Syria. The military base includes an airstrip of about 1.5km. According to reprots, the base will be able to house about 1,200 troops.

The US military has also expanded its military facilities in the area of Tell Baydar as well as in the area between al-Hasakah and Tell Tamr.

On April 22, France’s President Emmanuel Macron said that France is seeking to build a “new Syria” with the US help. Earlier, Macron clamed that the had convinced President Trump to keep troops in the war-torn country.

The increasing military presence of the US-led coalition in northern Syria goes in line with the US’ “soft power efforts” aimed at strengthening its influence and countering Russian and Iranian efforts in the country.

On April 22, the US Department of State released a statement saying that no assistance has to be provided to the areas controlled by the Syrian government. The Department of State also blamed Russia for chemical weapons usage in Syria.

The G7 ministers had a productive and useful exchange on a range of foreign policy priorities. For the United States, we emphasized three areas, specifically North Korea, Syria, and Russia. There was – on Russia, there was a, I would say, G7 unity on opposing Russia’s malign behavior, and the nations reviewed the steps that they have taken to counter the negative trends emerging from the Kremlin that threaten peace and security.

On Syria, the ministers recalled that Russia is the guarantor of chemical weapons in Syria and have failed in that role. The United States does not believe that any reconstruction assistance should go to any areas under the control of the Assad regime,” the senior administration official was quoted in the statement.

It becomes clear that the US will oppose any reconstruction efforts in the liberated, government-held part of Syria. Washington clearly sees the humanitarian assistance as a tool of the political influence on the situation in the country.

At the same time, the US also seeks to renew the so-called Geneva format of Syria talks, which has achieved nothing sine its launch. This effort is aimed at countering the Astana format launched by Turkey, Iran and Syria.

Summing up the US-led coalition is expanding its military infrastructure in Syria and is preparing for a new round of the diplomatic military conflict over the country. According to some experts, if Washington fails in achieving its goals, it can even consider assassinating President Bashar al-Assad in order to create chaos within the Syrian pro-government forces.

Via South Front

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