Shirin Gallery Delights Visitors With Hussain Jian’s Photograhy

An exciting exhibit is on the way at Shirin Gallery 2 in Tehran. The exhibit is titled ‘Dreams’ by the talented photographer, Hussain Jian.

About Hussain Jian

Jian was involved in the field of photography since his age of 19, when he worked as a photographer’s assistant. After which he studied photography in Iran for two years, to work then for a photographic libratory for six years, before he became a photographer. His overall career age is 23, 19 years spent in Dubai.

When talking about photography’s sense, he claims that it visualizes your ideas freely without borders. And he says that photography isn’t learned through short cuts, it needs patience and experience. Setting himself as an example, he learned through the hard way, he studied in university during the Iranian revolution, when they lacked a lot of learning resources and equipments.

Mostly, he admires people photography, whether it was portraits or fashion, where the photograph reflects the people’s internals. Secondary, he likes to shot still life and interiors. Recently, he has been attracted to underwater photography that enabled him to learn new skills in photography, and which he looks at as personal interest.

From the challenges he faced in his career, Jian had to create all the designs and styles that will be in his photographs, thus, before touching the camera, he produces the suitable environment that will escort the creative image. Other than this, and because he mostly deals with designers, he had to treat carefully with identities.

Finally in the article, Jian advised the new photography scholars to learn photography traditionally and understand the reality of this art, instead of using the computer and Photoshop to boost up the quality of their work, which doesn’t’ really make them creative.

His art works can be found on his website

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