RIP Abbas (photographer) 1944-2018

We’ve seen his iconic images of the revolution and maybe we saw some of his non-Iranian photographs that vibrated a worldwide audience. But most of us never knew his name. He went by Abbas. Just Abbas. Last week, possibly our most prolific photographers passed away at the age of 74 in Paris, France.

He had been working on documenting 4 religions, their beauty, faith, as well as their often violent side. He was working on his exploration of Judaism, when he passed away.

Let us take a moment and remember him through his amazing photographs.

ZAIRE. Kinshasa. October 30th 1974. World Heavyweight Boxing Championship between American fighters Muhammad ALI and George FOREMAN. On the right: Muhammad ALI, throwing a punch.
INDONESIA. Jakarta. Students of the Al Azhar college attend Friday prayer in the auditorium, transformed into a mosque for the occasion. 1989.
SOUTH AFRICA. Hamanskraal. 1978. Colonel S.J. MALAN, Director of the Police School for Black people, with trainees.
IRAN: TEHRAN January 25, 1979. After a demonstration at the Amjadiyeh Stadium in support of the Constitution and of Shapour BAKHTIAR, who was appointed Prime Minister by the Shah before the left the country, a woman, believed to be a supporter of the Shah is mobbed by a revolutionary crowd

HAITI. Seau d’Eau. 2000. Pilgrims from all over the country as well as the diaspora come to this sacred waterfall to take a luck bath. With medicinal herbs and perfumes, they ask their Voodoo loas (personal or family spirits) to fortify them. They discard their old underclothes.

SAUDI ARABIA. Mecca. 1992. Hajj pilgrimage. Pilgrims from all over the world pray on Mount Rahma. Mount Rahma, in the plain of Arafat (where Muslims believe Adam met Eve). Pilgrims dressed in the Ihram (two pieces of unstitched white cloth), gather to show their respect for all forms of life. Driplets of water cool off pilgrims and trees from the dense heat.
SOUTH AFRICA. Cape Town. Every Sunday, at dawn, priests of the Zion Church, from the Khayelitsha black township, take their newly converted congregation to the sea to be baptised through immersion. 1999.
The Iranian photographer ABBAS. Photography by Jean Gaumy.

SOUTH VIETNAM. 1973. Photographer ABBAS wears helmet and flack-jacket while covering the war.
IRAN. Tehran. 1997. Film director Abbas KIAROSTAMI on the hills surrounding the capital, where his film “Taste of Cherry”, which was co-awarded the Golden Palm in Cannes 1997, was shot.
MEXICO. State of Morelos. 1984. A sugar cane cutter holds her machete.
ISRAEL. Jerusalem. Young and old Hassidic Jews.

USA. ALABAMA. Montgomery. Nov. 12 2003. Fundamentalist Christians display the Ten Commandments at the rally in favour of State Supreme Chief Justice Roy MOORE about to be dismissed for refusing to remove a 15 ton Ten Commandments sculpture from the entrance hall to the Supreme Court.

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