Report: Israel Braces For Barrage Of Missiles Fired By Iranian Proxies

According to Military analyst Roni Daniel, Israeli intelligence suggests that Iran is preparing to use Shiite militias already deployed in Syria, along with experts from Hezbollah.

Why it matters: If true, this is a way for Iran to indirectly retaliate while lowering the risk of a direct war with Israel that could quickly spiral out of control.

Targets: Iran plans to avenge alleged Israeli strikes on its bases in Syria, Ma’ariv defense analyst Alon Ben David said, by targeting military targets in Northern Israel. According to Channel 2 News military analyst Roni Daniel the proxies would be overseen by general Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Israeli PR campaign: For years Israel has cried wolf about secret Iranian nuclear programs, so an aggressive PR campaign about imminent Iranian strikes on Israel is not out of character.

The intended goals are three-fold:

  • As the the May 15th waiving of nuclear sanctions on Iran approaches, Israel seeks to provide additional ammunition for President Trump to withdraw the United States from the JCPOA (a/k/a Iran deal).
  • Divert global media attention away from Israel’s human right abuses and deliberate attempts by military to kill and maim Gaza protesters. More than 40 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in protests that began on March 30, dubbed by organizers as “The Great March of Return”.
  • A false flag campaign to justify more aggressive Israeli strikes against Iranian targets/proxies in Syria and possibly Lebanon.


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