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Effort To ‘Provoke Iran’? Right After Trump Nuclear Deal Decision, Israel Launches Airstrikes In Syria

“Israel is going to try very hard to goad Iran into an escalation. They have been laying the groundwork for months.”no comment

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A blow to future diplomacy:
Hardline students gather outside National Security Council in Tehran, ask Rouhani to not negotiate with the US, demand retaliation for the killing of #MohsenFakhrizadeh. Placards say: Silence is a permit for future assassinations.
Via @miladalavii

What Liberals don't want to acknowledge is that the "War on Terror" which many of them supported and still support, has done more to destroy the rules-based international order than anything Trump has done.

Israel is one of few states using assassination as a foreign policy tool. Israeli agents have over the years killed their real or perceived enemies in operations often involving kidnapping, torture & considerable loss of civilian life. Iranian scientists are most recent examples.

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