An Essay On America’s Great Injustices To Iran

On May 8th, Donald Trump inflicted yet another venomous injustice on Iranian people by re-imposing harsh sanctions on Iran for their sin of full compliance with a nuclear deal that was co-authored and signed by the US government. As a result, a slew of European and other companies have already begun their flight from the Iranian market and the White House has even had the audacity of sanctioning the few new airplanes that Iran has bought since the deal known as the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), on top of voiding the licenses issued to Boeing and Airbus for the sale of dozens of commercial planes.

After decades of relentless punishing sanctions, Iranian people rightly had hoped for a measure of relief, solidly supporting the JCPOA in the beginning out of the conviction that the duplicitous Americans will honor their international commitments to abide by the terms of the agreement. That has now proved to be a hope against hope.

The new American barbarians led by the “bloodsucker human scum” John Bolton, to paraphrase the apt North Korean depiction of the national security adviser, are now on a disastrous war path with Iran…

In retrospect, no doubt future historians will concur the US’s turnabout on the JCPOA is consistent with her long history of reneging on agreements, reflecting an arrogant and opportunistic Western power that was founded on slavery and Westward expansion at the expense of the indigenous people willfully called “Indians” because the European colonialists thought they had landed in India, a mistake that was never corrected, especially in the mostly hateful Western movies where Hollywood excelled in distorting the brutal history of literally hundreds of agreements with the native Americans willfully broken by Washington. Similarly, US broke agreements with Mexico in order to dispossess the latter of huge chunks of territory by sheer force and then used false pretexts against the Spanidards in Cuba to replace their dominion over the island — that has for over half a century stood tall against Uncle Sam for committing the sin of political independence.

Indeed, US’s record in dishonoring its agreements is a long one and suffice to say that Bush’s exit from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002 and Trump’s exit from the Paris Climate agreement simply represent two of the more recent and egregious examples. Given this long history, it comes as no surprise that the US has now trashed an agreement after milking it, by seeing Iran dismantle a major part of its nuclear infrastructure costing billions of dollars, without having to pay any penalty.

Not only that, incredibly the lying and duplicitous Trump administration has tried to get the upper hand and give a moral cloak to its illegal decision to unilaterally scuttle a multilateral agreement by adding salt to major injury through new sanctions. This has triggered a global anti-US sentiment, vividly demonstrating America’s unpleasant bullying nature that is an affront to the very notion of civilization. The new American barbarians led by the “bloodsucker human scum” John Bolton, to paraphrase the apt North Korean depiction of the national security adviser, are now on a disastrous war path with Iran, following Bolton prepared script last year, which calls for economic softening of Iran first before ripening the country for “regime-change.”

But, aside from a fringe group of so-called dissidents who have a long history of cooperating with Iran’s sworn enemies, the Iranian people at home and abroad know only too well the evil nature of US’s intentions against Iran, which came in full display in the 1953 coup against a democratically-elected government, full support for Saddam’s invasion of Iran and his use of chemical weapons, the downing of an Iranian passenger airplane on a commercial route and never apologizing for it (and, indeed, decorating the murderous US navy capital who fired the missile), unleashing the highly dangerous cyberattack on Iran under Obama, co-creating the murderous ISIS terrorists along with Saudi Arabia, etc. Lest we forget, many of these anti-Iran atrocities have occurred since 1980, when US per the Algiers Accord pledged to respect Iran’s sovereignty and to refrain from interfering in Iran’s internal affairs. Trashing the Algiers Accord to the dustbin of history is yet another example of Washington’s untrustworthiness.

In conclusion, as we look ahead toward many more hears of American-imposed hardship on the heroic Iranian people, the only consolation is that the emperor’s mask has fallen off and the whole world is thankfully aware of the crimes of American empire. But, the Iranian nation with its long history of survival against tall odds throughout the centuries will resist and ultimately prevail, for one thing because history is on their side, and the principles and dictates of justice as well.

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