4 Reasons Why US Military Interventionism In Syria Is Crazy And Stupid

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Venezuelan oil minister @TareckPSUV greets captain of Iranian oil tanker Fortune, 1st of 5 Iranian ships delivering crude to Venezuela in face of threats from US warships patrolling the region

The resistance fights on in time of COVID-19! The world is changing before our eyes

Ahmad Naderi, head of the Institute of Social Studies and Research at the University of Tehran, tweeted on 5 May: “The stock market’s bubble will burst … and I am concerned for the consequences: riots bigger than 2017, 2019 and definitely bigger than 90s.”

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Referring to Gen. #Soleimani as the “Shadow Commander” says more about you, your positionality, & your Orientalist outlook. He wasn’t a mystery operating in the shadows. In fact, unlike US generals tucked away in fortifications, he was often in the frontlines with troops. #Iran

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Meet your Persian Love Today!