U.S. Super Carrier Arrives In Middle East As A “Message” To Tehran

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Wall Street Journal, care to comment!?

Twitter feed video.Wall Street Journal, care to comment!?

F-16 and Su-30 aircrafts of Venezuelan Air Force accompany the second Iranian oil tanker the Forest

Dear Dr. Mossadegh,

It's 2020. Things are pretty bad here. A comedian named Maz Jobrani is signing open letters to the UN asking it to intervene in Iranian national sovereignty for the sake of Iranian national sovereignty. Please send help.

@Mohsen_Tavakol @arash_tehran A truly moronic action demonstrating they don't have a clue what the "deal" actually is nor do they seem to know what the UN does.

Out of touch and embarrassing. One wonders if Iran struck a comprehensive deal with a Western power today would they worry about sovereignty?

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