Iran Hacks Into US Command Center, Takes Control Of Several U.S. Drones In Syria And Iraq

The Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) penetrated a command center of the U.S. Army and took control of several American unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs) which were constantly flying over Syria and Iraq, IRGC Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh revealed on February 21.

“Seven to eight drones that had constant flights over Syria and Iraq were brought under our control and their intel was monitored by us and we could gain their first-hand intel,” Fars News quoted the IRGC General as saying.

The Iranian news agency released several videos which the IRGC managed to extract from U.S. UAVs flying over Syria and Iraq. One of the videos shows a drone malfunctioning after being penetrated by the IRGC than making a rough landing in a desert area 10 kilometers away from its base. The UAV was later destroyed by U.S. warplane.

The footage below shows IRGC’s penetration into US Army’s Command Center, one of the many proofs in support of General Hajizadeh’s remarks.

The footage shows a US flying drone starts malfunctioning and makes a rough landing in a desert area 10 kilometers away from its base.

Iran has been developing UAVs and since the Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s. This gave the country a major advantage in unnamed vehicles technology in comparison with its neighbors. The IRGC began using this experience in electronic warfare. It allowed Iran to penetrate and take control of several U.S. drones during the last decade, including the top-secret RQ-170 stealth UAV in 2011.

The Iranian statement came amid reports that the U.S. had accelerated a secret program to sabotage Iran’s missile program.

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