If It Wasn’t Houthis, It Was Israel

The warmongers are pushing hard and the mainstream sock puppets on the network news are biting the bait as they did sixteen years ago with the Bush neocons. A small part what makes the mainstream Western press so gullible to the regular claims of the warmongers, is that designated “terrorists” are always stupid and incompetent unless the warmongers say so. So the Houthis couldn’t possibly have the smarts and will to put together such a complex attack on Saudi infrastructure, of course. Yet in 2001, somehow another designated rabble managed to execute a rather sophisticated attack on US soil!

So, let’s play along. Let’s say the Houthis are not competent enough to strike back at the regime torching their nation and people. Then who did it? The warmongers and their minion army of sock puppets would have you believe that Iran orchestrated and carried out an attack that would have crippled the Saudi oil output at best for a few months, whilst antagonizing the entire world against Iran and most certainly make it a target of military reprisal. If you bought the failure of intelligence in 2003, you may buy this pile of bovine excrement also.

Israel has done all but carve its demand for a military assault on Iran into the chests of every Western politician.

What is conspicuously absent from consideration is the one state actor with a track record that has been banging the drums of war the loudest. Israel has done all but carve its demand for a military assault on Iran into the chests of every Western politician. Thanks to its sugar daddy, Israel has at its disposal the latest and greatest in stealth military aircraft, which it has used in periodic assaults on Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, and those are the victims the world knows about because Israel thuggishly claims them. In addition, Israel operates with impunity. Israel is often lauded for its prowess in warfare and espionage. The reality is far more simple and ugly. Israel is well capable of killing civilians caged in the Gaza and West Bank Bantustans, or invading its neighbors when the sugar daddy is standing ready to intervene in case of reprisal. But above all, Israel operates without ever having to face any consequences, such as the recent news of Israel using Stingray devices to spy on Trump and company. Since 2017, Israel has had a squadron the most advanced stealth F-35 fighters, which have been used around the neighborhood to assault with absolute impunity, not even economic sanctions from the high-minded Europeans!

Regardless of what is coming down the barrels from Donald Al Saud, and if you believe Houthis are incapable of engineering weapons or shopping for drones on Amazon, Iran is at least not the most likely culprit for the attack on Saudi oil facilities. There is no need to stretch your eyes, or conjure up another doggy dossier. Every factor that might implicate Iran, can point to Israel also, with the added bonus that Israel has been given the necessary technology to carry out such attack and impunity to never face any serious consequences.

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