Saudi Arabia Messages Iran Via Mediators

The Iranian government announced on Monday that it had received messages from Saudi Arabia through mediators, though it did not disclose the mediators or the content of the messages.

Iranian government spokesperson Ali Rabiei said in a news conference that “the president, Hassan Rouhani, has received messages from Saudi Arabia through leaders of some countries,” reported  Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA).

“If Saudi Arabia really wants to change its behaviour, we welcome it,” Rabiei said, adding: “We would like one of Saudi Arabia’s public messages to be about ending the Yemen war.”

There has been no comment from the Saudi authorities on the matter.

Observers suggested that the mediation was carried out through Pakistan or Iraq, as Pakistan had previously carried out a similar intervention in 2016, while Iraq announced that it is ready for a similar mediation.

In mid-September, Riyadh announced containing two fires in the two Saudi Aramco facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais, as Houthi drones targeted them.

The United States accused Iran of being behind the attack, while Tehran denied such accusations. Meanwhile, the US and Saudi doubts have raised about the possibility that the attack drones were launched from Iraqi territories.

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