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At the moment that the possibility of peace in the Middle East is reappearing, Israel immediately starts assassinating Iranian scientists.

Can we please stop pretending Israel is a “partner for peace” and instead see it as the dangerous rogue state that it has been for decades?

Killing Soleimani: He’s the commander of an enemy country

Killing Iranian scientists: They’re working on nuclear program of an enemy country

Trying to starve 83 million people with sanctions: They live within borders of an enemy country

- there’s nothing they won’t justify

#Iran President @HassanRouhani: Iranian nation is wise enough not to fall in Israel trap. We will respond to #Fakhrizadeh assassination "in an appropriate time"

The Pentagon has announced it brought the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier back into the Middle East, a highly unusual move after the ship already spent months in the region. The Pentagon says it is to cover areas in Afghanistan and Iraq that are seeing troop withdrawals.- @AP

Curious what role Azerbaijan played in assassination of Iranian scientist. Israel just helped Azerbaijan dictatorship crush minority Armenian separatists.
Their relationship is very clear: Israel helps Azerbaijan deal with Armenians; Azerbaijan helps Israel against Iran.

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