The 10 Most Shared Articles Of 2019 On The Iranian

The following are the 2019 articles published on The Iranian that readers shared the most across social media.

#1: Shared 11,500+

Japan Says There Is No Evidence Iran Was Behind Attack On Saudi Aramco Facilities


#2: Shared 11,000+

Tulsi Gabbard: Saudi Arabia Is A Greater Threat To The US Than Iran


#3: Shared 8,200+

Despite Biting Sanctions, Iran Ranked 13th Most Powerful Country In The World


#4: Shared 5,900+

Iran Warns Arab Nations: Any US Attack From Arab Soil Will Be Considered An Act Of War


#5: Shared 4,800+

Tulsi Gabbard Slams Trump’s Endorsement Of Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights


#6: Shared 4,800+

Bolton’s Plans For A False Flag Op Involving MEK Are Already Underway


#7: Shared 4,500+

China’s PLA Troops In Venezuela: A Watershed Moment In World Politics


#8: Shared 3,100+

40 Iranian Universities Ranked Among World’s Best


#9: Shared 3,100+

India’s Betrayal Of Iran Is Only The Beginning


#10 Shared 1,100+ 

Iranian Americans Increasingly at the Center of Systematic Discrimination Across the U.S.

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