How Iran and America can Wage Peace

With retaliation by Iran almost a certainty, followed by America responding disproportionally, an all-out war within the next couple of months has a probability greater than seventy percent.

Iran will be in ruins, crude oil will cost over $200 per barrel, and hundreds of thousands will suffer with thousands killed and maimed.

The above scenario can easily be foreseen with even more dire outcomes possible if the cycle of destruction gets totally out of control and tactical nuclear weapons are used.

Now that the ball of destruction and death has been set in motion by Trump the question that must be asked is, “How do we stop it?”

Here are some proposals which of course will fall on deaf ears given that the war drums are beating so loudly.

One: America immediately withdraws all its military personal from Iraq and Syria, including all private contractors.

Two: America returns to the nuclear agreement and immediately cancels all sanctions that have been applied by Trump.

Three: Iran agrees to extend the time frame of the nuclear agreement from fifteen years to forty years.

Four: Iran ends all military support of militias outside of Iran except those fighting ISIS.

Five: Persian Gulf security is jointly enforced by a multinational naval force that will include Chinese, Russian, and Indian ships.

Six: The travel ban on Iranians is lifted.

Given the alternative, and the depth of the precipice we are all about fall into, the above six steps towards waging peace actually should be very easy to agree to and implement.

Waging war is easy. Waging peace is much harder, but not impossible.

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