Nowruz: The world keeps burning, but it keeps on turning

Happy Iranian New Year, it’s 1399! last year didn’t end so well, but don’t complete your 14th century on a lousy note! The 15th century is around the corner, and there is so much to look forward to. Enjoy your holiday, like all of Iran, then get back to work, and remember…

Iranians have survived three millennia of invasions and disasters, inheriting a unique culture born out of multiple Greek, Roman, Arab, Turk, and Mongol aggression. Through hard work, creativity, and love of their beloved, historic homelandIranians have also survived 3000 years of scraping a living on challenging arid land.

Today, Iran is one of the few countries living and surviving as a nation on the same piece of land for these millennia. To Iranians, a bullying superpower is just the latest in the long line of bullies, and the Coronavirus disease is just the latest natural disaster for the nation to overcome.

Iranians have persisted and endured for 3000 years through hard work, unity, and pride in their rich and humane heritage. From the first declaration of human rights to the wise and loving words of the world’s most revered poets, the humanity of Iranians towards people, including their enemies, has forever been on display. Rest assured, neither a new zio-brainwashed bully nor a new disease will change Iranians’ outlook on life.

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