Pompeo Likens Iran To Nazis On 2nd Anniversary Of US Nuclear Deal Exit

Perhaps attempting to ensure the anti-Iran ‘maximum pressure’ campaign remains front and center, even in the midst of a pandemic and historic unemployment, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has resorted to the one of the most common — and we might note laziest — labels for America’s ‘enemies’.

In official statements Saturday, and on the same day Russia and other former Soviet states mark WWII Victory Day, Pompeo made reference to the United States and our allies defeat of Hitler’s Germany, while immediately pivoting to Iran, likening the Islamic Republic to a Nazi regime.

The statement specifically marked the second anniversary of the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), reached by Tehran and six other state signatories in 2015.

“Seventy-five years ago, the United States and our allies stood together to rid the world of the Nazis and their hateful ideology,” Pompeo said. “Today, we face a grave challenge to regional peace from another rogue regime…”

He continued: “We call again on the international community to join us to stop the largest sponsor of Antisemitism.”

Declaring a world a “far safer” place due to the US exit from the JCPOA, he further celebrated US-imposed sanctions on Iran as having “prevented Iran from funding and equipping terrorists with many billions of dollars.” He pledged that “we will never allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.”

Over a week ago Pompeo said the administration plans to extend its arms embargo on Iran: “We’re going to use every tool we can in our diplomatic capability to ensure that that prohibition on arms sales to Iran doesn’t expire [in] just a handful of months,” he told FOX. Iranian leaders responded by threatening a “crushing response” if the US goes through with the extension.

Unlike the Nazi German war machine in history, however, Iran doesn’t look ready to “march across Europe” or anywhere for that matter anytime soon, given its major industries, economy, and currency have been in free fall collapse, but also as for months coronavirus has ripped through the population, including impacting government leaders.


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