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There's no legitimate reason why nations can't just mind their own affairs and care for their own people. Having to read news every day about our government and its allies scheming to destroy nations which disobey them is severely disordered, and we should oppose it ferociously.

The blockade is lifted.

Trump has failed.

The 1st of 5 Iranian Petrochemical tankers is now within the neutral maritime boundary of Trinidad & Tobago (a leading member of CARICOM & a country that has opposed U.S. coup attempts in Venezuela).

"Maryam was given the chance to speak to Khomeini. She reminded him that he gave her his blessing to have gender reassignment surgery back in 1978 before the revolution ... all gender reassignment surgeries are paid for by the health care system in Iran"

r/iranian - Maryam Khatoon Molkara, a trans woman in Iran with her husband

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