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The Pentagon has announced it brought the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier back into the Middle East, a highly unusual move after the ship already spent months in the region. The Pentagon says it is to cover areas in Afghanistan and Iraq that are seeing troop withdrawals.- @AP

Curious what role Azerbaijan played in assassination of Iranian scientist. Israel just helped Azerbaijan dictatorship crush minority Armenian separatists.
Their relationship is very clear: Israel helps Azerbaijan deal with Armenians; Azerbaijan helps Israel against Iran.

They murder our national figures in cold blood and then send their disgusting ferret mercenaries to obfuscate the obvious facts of the matter. Meanwhile, in the democratic west, we are held to ridiculous double standards and tossed away by our own!

I have to say this. I am very disappointed at many of my Washington colleagues who take a “on the one hand...” approach to Israel’s assassination of an Iranian scientist. Are that that afraid of being on the “wrong side”? Why do they fear condemning terrorism when done by Israel?

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