War Is Bad, Be It Cold or Hot, Zarif Tells Trump

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif decried America’s thirst for income from the sale of arms, reminding US President Donald Trump that all forms of war are bad.

“While @realDonaldTrump admits the US thirst for war to fill the coffers of ‘those wonderful companies’, he’s been busy flogging their ‘beautiful military equipment’ to our region,” Zarif said in a post on his Twitter account on Thursday.

“We get it. He thinks cold war is good for business while hot war is not,” he added.

“War is bad, period,” the top Iranian diplomat stressed.

His comments came in reaction to a press conference at the White House, during which Trump bashed his election rival Joe Biden over sending US “youth to fight in these crazy endless wars” in the Middle East in his capacity as former US president Barack Obama’s vice president. Trump also lashed out at the Pentagon’s top brass for seeking wars to enrich “those wonderful (weapon-making) companies.”

Late last month, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Pentagon was planning to decrease the number of American troops in Iraq by about one-third over the upcoming two to three months.

Observers, however, discredit such accounts as simple election ploys that Trump would go back on if he gets the chance to enter the White House again.

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