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Bahareh Hedayat
Human Rights,

Shades Of Black…

Over two years ago, in the heat of the debates among Iran’s pre-selected presidential candidates and the indifference of the overwhelming majority of Iranians, especially


Interfering with play

One Sunday, I had the distinct hal-geery to attend a benefit screening of “Offside”, the controversial and noted film by now-famed Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi


Letter to a young filmmaker

Introduction to Hamid Dabashi's Masters & Masterpieces of Iranian Cinema (Mage Publishers, 2007). The rise of Iranian cinema to world prominence over the last few


Loud & clear

Iranian youth in Amsterdam are letting their voice be heard. Saying NO WAR in IRAN, a poster campaign has been set up to show to


Iranian Hot Spots

Each year the Hot Spots program of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) scans the globe looking for those places where the creative energy has


Million signatures for women

Iranian women’s rights activists are initiating a wide campaign demanding an end to legal discrimination against women in Iranian law. The Campaign, “One Million Signatures


Democratic criticism

'I am against the Iranian government and its policies.  This is one thing.  But it is a different thing to call for the destruction of


First time

I am in the airplane, about to land in Tehran. My family left Iran during the revolution, in 1979, and this will be the first


Left behind

It is Wednesday night and I am sitting in front of my therapist, in Northern California. She tells me: “I think the key to getting


No entry for Kiarostami

Source: Le Monde Obtaining a U.S. visa has never been easy. Everyone understands that in the current climate the situation has not been improved, especially