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More than oil
You have to feel sorry for Iraqis
March 12, 2003

Beshno az del!
Based on Alanis Morrisett's "Thank you India"
September 30, 2002

No wonder
Our most natural and almost universal desire
August 19, 2002

Loyalty to our roots
At its most extreme, nationalism is quite like infatuation
July 31, 2002

Another great World Cup
Don't think too hard. Take it as it is
June 24, 2002

Dream big
To my friend, on the occasion of her graduation
May 17, 2002

Salam Aghaye Mohandes
My childhood images of engineers were totally off
May 6, 2002

Romantically challenged
Finding the courage to love and love again
April 23, 2002

What infuriates people
... is that many American politicians can walk outside in broad daylight and say it's night
April 2002

Hard to point fingers
Where there is hate, there is a reason
March 2002

Flying away
It hurt and it pained
March 2002

Enemy within
Who should we wage a war against
November 2001

Farewell cherry tree
During the Iran-Iraq war thousands of boys were sent to Europe. I was one of them
October 1998


Born in Tehran, Iran, I travelled to Germany as a youngster towards the end of the war and later on, moved to Canada. I work as an engineer nowadays, and if in between hours of work and work and work :-) I find anytime, I occassionally write, although I wish I had more time to actually concentrate and write. Top

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