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January 31, 2002

Save Kabul Zoo!


I was wondering if anyone has any interest in raising money to fund the adoption of a Lion Cub for the Kabul Zoo. There must be some Vetrenarians, Zoologists, Animal Scientists or Lion Lovers out there.

As you know, Marjan the Lion of Kabul Zoo, died recently. He was donated to Afghanistan by Germany 25 years ago. He was the center of focus of a worlwide fundraising campaign that rasied over $250,000 to aid the Kabul zoo.

North Carolina Zoo ( and the World Society for the Protection of Animals in th UK (; coordinated the efforts, and have updates at their sites.

I thought it would be great if the Iranian community in the US could lead an effort to have this done. For starters try emailing the above organizations or others to see if there is any interest.


Kayvan Fateh

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