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Steel shell
Dedicated to our heroes behind bars

By Reza Razavi
December 15, 2000
The Iranian

Incarcerated by ignorance

Tortured by hate

Mother's lament is premature

Though I know what is held by my fate

My body robbed of nutrition

My mind proceeds to transcend

My spirit embraces the desire for freedom

As remnants of torture it attempts to mend


Fingerprints of martyrs engraved

Upon bars that serve as a membrane

They demarcate us from our liberty

Within this fortress, auras of the harrowed remain

Warrior scholars

My honorable inmates

Savior the outlawed knowledge

The only substitutions for hate


Culpable until innocence confirmed

With our kind the courts waged a war

Sentences issued out of repugnance

Justice an ally no more

Coerced to confess to deeds unaccomplished

Forced into false repentance

The duress only serves to strengthen our resolve

To attain immortal independence


Constrained to relieve our souls of the desire for truth

In relief of serving in the hole, undeserved time

We will not capitulate to satisfy our foe

For to request civil independence is no crime

Though confined in solitary

Loneliness cannot afflict me

Darkness carries their radiance

As ghosts of the vanquished comfort me

May our battle for liberty remain vicarious

May the spirits of our murderers be chastised in hell

May our descendants roam free sans fear

May we have the strength to shatter this steel shell

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