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Calm once more
Two poems

By Shadi Assar
February 2, 2000
The Iranian

The Tear

Stick my finger in
Slowly bring out
Feel the drop
Pulled from tip
Back to mass
Slightly tense
But calm once more
Attempting another
Till boredom strikes
Stick fingers in
Slowly bring out
Feel drops
From each finger
As if magic spewed
Shock, till calm
New stranger
Rolling down
Slightly disappearing
Thru its long journey
Curl off to mass
Of the bitter one
Blending, adapting
Like always.


Deep ocean, revealing it all
Its flow giving me life
Its waves bang and smash
Against the shore of my skin
Reminding me of its presence
I ignore it once again
Disappointed, the waves pull away
Its moist remains sizzle,
Then disappear
From the harsh heat of this illusion

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