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Flower delivery in Iran

Flower delivery in Iran

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Hide & seek
My first day at a British university

By Reza Sami Gorgan Roodi
February 5, 2001
The Iranian


The sun plays hide and seek

the trees bloom behind the buildings

the birds patrol the sky

a wasp makes love to a flower

an aeroplane cuts the blue

butterflies whirl in confusion

the squirrels feel randy

a rain-drop lands on someone's head

naked arms and legs adorn the lawns

two lovers blend with ecstasy

lips part in sweet sorrow

some eyes meet briefly

some heads nod in recognition

some suck their books for meaning

some take lessons from the grass

that grow in green perfection

a kid shoots an empty Diet Coke can

that is lying near an empty glass of beer

strangers share each other's perfumes

pamphlet distributors hunt down customers in library square

a woman misses the bus

suitcases trail behind departing students

taxis unload new faces

and there is traffic in my mind

as I begin to learn, read, search, gather, type and present.

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 Flower delivery in Iran

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