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Art and artists online

By Maryam Ovissi
January 11, 2001
The Iranian

We all don't have the time to visit art studios and attend gallery openings as much as we like, but with the emergence of the World Wide Web, everyone is able to access, learn and buy some extraordinary works of art from all over the world. I have compiled a list of some great sites for you to begin exploring Iranian art online. If you know of any others please email me.


* Seyed Alavi: www.netwizards.net/~here2day
* Mahmoud Farshchain: www.eden.rutgers.edu/~mohandas/ostad.htm
* Mohammed Hourian: www.hourian.com/
* Maryam Javaheri: www.maryamjavaheri.com
* Mokhtar Paki: www.mokhtarimage.com
* Rassouli: www.rassouli.com
* M.A. Taraghijah: www.taraghijah.com
* Roshan Houshmand: www.shepard.com/df/roshan
* Hessam: www.chasengalleries.com/Hessam/Hessam.html

Purchasing art

* Elahe Gallery features artists in Iran: www.elahe.net
* Dideh Gallery also offer works by artists in Iran: www.dideh.com
* Artaste features many Iranian artists in the U.S.: www.artaste.com
* For woreks by Seyed Alavi and Taraneh Hemami go to: www.nextmonet.com
* Works by Simin Meykadeh and Hooshang Khorasani are on: www.visualize.com
* Cards, prints and scarves designed by Nasser Ovissi are available at: www.payvand.com/bazar
* Gallery Ovissi's Iranian-American collection: www.galleryovissi.com


* The Iranian magazine's index of more than 270 artists: iranian.com/Arts/az.html
* Museum of Contemporary Iranian Artists: home.t-online.de/home/opus125/mocia
* Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art: www.ir-tmca.com
* Exhibition of Iranian women artists: www.iwsf.org/artists
* Index of Iranian artists online: www.iranianartists.com

Galleries and artists in Iran

* Iranian artists: www.kargah.com
* Iran Rose art galleries: www.iranrose.com
* Negah virtual art galleries: www.negah.net/nvg.htm
* Kavoos arts journal: www.tavoos.com

U.S. museums with important Persian collections

* Sackler/Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian: www.asia.si.edu
* Los Angeles County Museum of Art: www.lacma.org
* Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: www.metmuseum.org

Email forum

Iranian Artists in Dialogue: A space for artists to engage in dialogue. An online consortium for all those interested in Iranian Art. To join please email: art_iran-subscribe@topica.com

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