Song of Myself

I celebrate myself, and I sing myself
I speak myself, and I express myself
I show myself, and I respect myself

I am not tall, but I am strong
I am like an armadillo, small but strong
You observe me, wrong or right I do not know

I live everyday for that day, hoping to accomplish my goals
I live my life to the fullest
I live my life for what a beautiful thing it almost is
And I live my life for what a beautiful thing it will become

I am Persian and I am proud
I see within myself and many things in my culture

I see a wedding, the bride with a gorgeous white dress
The groom, ready, happy, eager, but nervous
The family, united, singing the song of love, a sight of sublimity

I see a street, full of kids, I am with them.
We play the game of soccer, and discover teamwork
we practice the game of friendship, and learn
We stand by each other, and search for eternal happiness

I search my soul, only to find emptiness
I search my mind, and I find no signs of intelligent life
I search my character and find a warthog, courageous yet utterly doomed
because of it

Yet I still live, for another sunrise and another sunset
Living still for another sunny day and another full moon
And why do I still live for another day, and another night?

Maybe to find my character, maybe to fill my soul,
Maybe just waiting, waiting for myself, the best of myself


By Ali Ahmadi
Paramus High School, New Jersey
Based on Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself".


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