A new day

Come clean now
from that automated carwash
that blasts every mole
that scours your soul
startling you to death
in your silentglass womb
come clean to a milky-white
gleaming new and ready for wear
come clean like a parachute flair
illuminating for your eyes
the submerged wheat-
fields of silence
come clean
from within your tears
to your next love
to your next fight
come clean from the nightdarkness
curdling your blazing noon sky
come clean like a doze of amnesia
like a new twin moon or a dazzling blue sun
hitch a ride on the gyrating California coast
and come here, fresh
in your exquisite finery
to this threshold
to the
of a new year
split and silent
and on display
for you
under the silver
of a new sun


Fred Shahrabani


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