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New features

* Thursday Sept 4- Mahpareh (Persian)
An Indian explanation for a mystery known to men as "women". Translated by Sadeq Choubak
* Wednesday Sept 3 - Persepolis: Up close and Personal
Photographs by Afshin Bakhtiar.
* Wednesday Sept 3- POETRY: Sarv (Persian)
A poem by Fereidoun Moshiri.
* Tuesday Sept 2 - MUSIC: Googoosh
Our mistake: Misplaced Arabic songs have been replaced with genuine Googoosh tunes.
* Monday Sept 1 - NEWS: Sarkuhi gets brief family visit
* Monday Sept 1 - Dream come true
This is the 2nd anniversary of The Iranian. And these are the people who made it happen.
* Monday Sept 1 - Shiraz
Taking my daughter to my second home, and Persepolis. By J. Javid
* Saturday Aug 30 - Land of rice and tea
You will never have to worry about going hungry when you visit Iran. By Susan M. Nurre
* Friday Aug 29 - Ranj-e honar (Persian)
Excerpt from Reza Farrokhfal's collected stories, "Oh, Istanbul"
* Friday Aug 29 - Agent Sharp
Diaries of a top secret spy in Iran. Kheyli seri!
* Thursday Aug 28- Kerman
Photos that capture the warmth and modesty of southeast Iran.
* Wednesday Aug 27- On loan to the world
My daughter joined the Peace Corps. To carry out my world vision. By Kamran Seyed Moussavi
* Wednesday Aug 27- Hello Capitol Hill
A modest lobbying effort against U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran. By Trita Parsi
* Tuesday Aug 26- Weathering the storm
Jews in today's Iran.
* Tuedsay Aug 26- Singing the blues
Jews in 19th century Iran.
* Sunday Aug 24- ... and save the whales
Results of THE IRANIAN survey on expectations from the Khatami government


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