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Faraj Sarkoohi

The Sarkuhi Case

(Last updated May 7, 1998)

PEN: Faraj Sarkuhi leaves Iran (May 6)
Writers protest at travel curbs on Sarkuhi (March 18)
Faraj Sarkuhi: No passport-yet (in Persian) (March 18)
Faraj Sarkuhi thanks supporters in letter to PEN (March 5)
Sarkuhi released (Jan 28)
PEN actors play reading for Sarkuhi in New York (Jan 15, 1998)
PEN letter to President Khatami on behalf of Faraj Sarkuhi (Nov 19)
Open letter to President Khatami on Sarkuhi's fate... PEN (Oct 1)
PEN press release on Sarkuhi (Sept 18)
Sarkuhi's wife on Sarkuhi's sentence (Sept 18)
Faraj Sarkuhi to be released in January (Sept 18)
Iranian liberal opposition demand fair trial for Sarkuhi (Sept 10)
Iranian rights committee hopes for early verdict on dissident writer (Sept 7)
Amnesty International concerned about Sarkuhi (Sept 7)
Sarkuhi's family visits him briefly in jail (Sept 1)
British authors demand Sarkuhi's release
Reporters san Frontiers special web site
Rights group calls for fair hearing (June 26)
France says watching Iran's trial of writer (June 26)
Parsipur: Khatami's first action should be to free editor(June 20)
Arthur Miller and Edward Said appeal for Sarkuhi's freedom (June 16)
Night of solidarity with Sarkuhi (June 21)
401 signatures in support of Sarkuhi (May 6)
HRW: Link Iran ties to human rights compliance (April 25)
Bonn loses influence in Sarkuhi case (April 25)
U.N. human rights report on Iran - Feb 1997 (April 9)
London Guardian: Europe set to move against Iran (April 7)
Soroush's moral support for Sarkuhi (April 2)
Europe, Iran & Sarkuhi (March 21)
Solidaity night for Sarkuhi - New York (March 8)
Solidarity night for Iranian writers - Portland (March 1)
Ohio human rights group: Conerned about Sarkuhi (Feb 22)
Sarkuhi contacts wife (Feb 21)
Responses to Rushdie's article (Feb. 19)
Sarkuhi's wife has no news (Feb. 18)
Washington Post: Bloody Anniversary (Feb 17)
Rushdie: Europe is a cynical enterprise, not a civilization (Feb. 14)
Democracy Network of Iran's annual human rights report
Rafsanjani tells Germany Sarkuhi is an internal case
Human Rights Watch letter to the Iranian leader
Reza Barahani's open letter (Feb 11)
Velayati tells Germany not to interfere (Feb 8)
Letter to UN HUman Rights Commission (Feb 7)
IRNA: Sarkuhi's brother speaks to reporters (Feb 6)
Sarkuhi's letter at PEN site (in English)
Sarkuhi's letter (in Persian)
German daily prints Sarkuhi's letter
PEN reports Sarkuhi's arrest
IRNA report on arrest
Iran confirms arrest
Europe seeking info on Sarkuhi
Letter signed by PEN members to Germany's Chancellor Kohl
PEN letter to President Rafsanjani
134 writers' declaration at PEN site
Collecting signatures in support of writers
PEN international's homepage


* Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG)

* Amnesty International

* Human Rights Watch

* PEN American Center

* United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

* More Human Rights on the Internet

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