Sarkuhi contacts wife

The Guardian, London

AN ARRESTED Iranian journalist whose fate is worrying the Bonn government has telephoned his wife, who lives in Germany, to say he is well but expects to be convicted, the Tageszeitung daily said yesterday.

The call is the first confirmation since Faraj Sarkuhi was arrested in January that he is alive. Tehran says it arrested him for trying to leave Iran illegally. His wife, Farideh Zebarjad, said this week that his brother Ismail, also being held, contacted her to say her husband might be released if she co-operated with Iran.

He urged her to dismiss as a forgery a letter in which Mr Sarkuhi claims he was held for six weeks last year and tortured by the secret service in Tehran to force him to confess to spying for Germany. - Reuter, Bonn.

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