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Absconding editor arrested in Bushehr while trying to flee Iran

Tehran, Feb. 4, IRNA-- A top disciplinary forces official announced here Tuesday that the chief editor of `Adineh' magazine, Faraj Sarkuhi, was arrested in the vicinity of the port-city of Bushehr along ith his brother and two other smugglers while attempting to make an illegal exit from Iran.

The official told IRNA that Faraj Sarkuhi and Esmail Sarkuhi left their place of residence at 9.00 Monday morning to join the two smugglers, Gholam-Ali Tigh Khorshid and Ali Kabagani Tork, in Bushehr.

The two smugglers had demanded rls. 20 million for arranging their illegal exit from Iran. According to the investigations made, Asghar Sarkuhi who has taken assylum in Sweden had arranged to pay the money to an agent called `Gholam' in Dubai.

`Gholam' was supposed to pay off the money to the smugglers in Iran. The two brothers Faraj and Esmail Sarkuhi wanted to leave the country from `Chegharak' a coastal village near Bushehr by barge to the united arab emirates. A thorough investigation is still going on to find out more details from the two smugglers in custody.

In response to the question as to when the disappearance of Sarkuhi became known, the disciplinary force official said that his disappearance was reported last week and due to that fact a file was opened in that regard, all border posts were alerted. f

Faraj Sarkuhi, on his return last month from a short trip to a foreign country, had told reporters that he had gone abroad to settle some personal problems, said the official. t

The disciplinary forces official concluded that Sarkuhi resumed his work after his return from overseas. It was last weekend that his relatives reported of his disappearance.

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