Ohio human rights group: Conerned about Sarkuhi

From: Akbar Mahdi AAMAHDI@ee.net

Abduction of Faraj Sarkuhi & Parvin Ardalan by the Security Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran

We are very concerned about the life and safety of Faraj Sarkuhi, a well known Iranian writer and editor of the Iranian journal "Adineh", and that of his assistant Ms. Parvin Ardelan.

Farai Sarkuhi previously abducted on Nov. 3rd 1996, by agents of the Islamic Republic's security forces; he then was released on Dec. 20, 1996. However, Faraj Sarkuhi has once again been abducted by the Islamic Republic's security forces, on Jan 27th, 1997 in Tehran. Nothing has been heard of him or his whereabouts since then. Parvin Ardalan is said not to have been seen since Jan 24, 1997.

According to Article l8 of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights": "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought". Further, Article 5 of the same declaration states that "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment", while Article 3 states that "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person".

We are deeply concerned about the lives and safety of Faraj Sarkuhi and Ms. Parvin Ardalan. We demand information as to Mr. Sarkuhi's and Ms. Ardalan's whereabouts and safety; we further demand the immediate release of Faraj Sarkuhi and Parvin Ardalan, and ask everyone to join and support us in this matter.

Human Rights For Iran
Central Ohio, USA

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