Solidarity night for Iranian writers - Portland

From: "Goudarz"

Iranian Human Rights Group - Oregon Chapter, presents:

A Night of Solidarity with Iranian Writers

Iranian writers, Poets and Journalists are fighting their right to freedom of thoughts and expression. As it has appeared in open letters by Faraj Sarkuhi and Dr. Reza Barahani, our writers and intellectuals are counting on Iranians nationals as well as support of the Pen societies and Writer's Organizations and Human Rights activists around the globe. With support from Middle East Center at Portland State University we have organized A Night of Solidarity and Support to Iranian Writers:

Program includes:

Situation of Iranian Writers and Poetry reading by Mr. Mansour Khaksar- member of the Iranian writers Guild (in Exile).

Persian Classical Music: Santur by Richard Hankey

The last part of the program will be open to audience to share their favourite poems in relation to Freedom and Liberty.

Date, Time, Address: Saturday March First 1997; 6:00 PM Room 236 (Cascade Room) Smith Memorial Center Portland State University

Please join us at this event and support the cause.

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