From: Kourosh Parsa

Letter to UN Human Rights Commission

There are a lot of reports on Faraj Sarkuhi, his brother and Parvin Ardalan's arrest. The bottom of it all is that Faraj Sarkuhi insisted on creation of writer's guild. He was seeking freedom of expression and association.

The letter below requests Mr. Copithrone to look into the possibility of sending a delegate to Iran to visit him, his brother and Parvin Ardalan in prison. It aslo requests from the UN Human Rights commission to use all of their power to secure their immediate release.

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To: The Honorable Maurice Danbi Copithrone,
UN Human Rights Commission
Geneva, Switzerland
Fax # (01141-22-9170123)

Faraj Sarkuhi, a dissident Iranian writer and the editor of the literary magazine, Adineh, has once again been abducted by the Islamic Republic's security forces on January 27, 1997 in Tehran. Nothing has been heard from him since then.

Reports indicate that his brother and his assistant have also been arrested. This is the second time that Mr. Sarkuhi has been abducted by the Islamic Republic. Earlier, on November 3, 1996, Mr. Sarkuhi was abducted from Tehran's Merhabad airport while he was traveling to join his family in Germany.

The Islamic Republic, while denying his abduction all along, released him on December 20, 1996, following an intense campaign by the international community. His release was preceded by a fabricated press interview at Tehran Airport, during which Mr. Sarkuhi was forced to repeat the regime' s script of not having been abducted and rather having been in Germany for the duration of his disappearance [1].

Mr. Sarkuhi's first arrest was motivated by the fact that he is one of many dissident Iranian writers who are seeking freedom of expression and association [1].

The signatories of this letter would like to request the UN Human Rights Commission to initially verify Faraj Sarkuhi, Esmaeel Sarkuhi and Parvin Ardalan's safety by sending a delegate to visit him in prison in Iran. We would like to ask the Commission to use all its powers to secure immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Faraj Sarkuhi, Esmaeel Sarkuhi and Parvin Ardalan.

1. Kourosh Parsa, Electrical Engineer, New York, USA 2. Mehran Sam, Toronto, Canada 3. Zard Sarty, M.Arch, M.C.D, Canada

******************************************************************** Democracy Network of Iran to subscribe, send a message to, include in the body: subscribe spi ******************************************************************** [1]. Faraj Sarkuhi's letter of January 3, 1997

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