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Iranian Hillbillies
Nobody can teach these guys anything



Sean Amour
November 27, 2006

The scene is the Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale, Arizona, one of the most classy and upscale hotels in Scottsdale where adults and romantic couples dress up to go there on weekend nights. On Friday and Saturday nights after 9:00 p.m, a fantastic band (called Mosaico) plays Flamenco music accompanied by very professional Flamenco dancers. This is definitely a sophisticated place for people who are well dressed and over 21. The drinks are expensive, but the atmosphere, the music and the lighting system makes it worthwhile.

But suddenly, this group of Iranian families show up, comprising 4 couples, each having 3 or 4 kids aged between 4 to 7 -- all dressed in expensive kids outfits. First of all, these ten kids start running around inside and outside the bar, screaming and chasing each other. The Iranian parents are busy ordering drinks at the bar (not any Vodka, but Grey Goose, and bottles of French Champaign) -- totally oblivious to their kids' behavior. The Iranian guys are wearing shorts and sneakers (albeit the expensive brands), while everyone else in the bar is wearing evening attire and shoes.

Next, while the Flamenco dancers are dancing with the dynamic lighting and music, some of those spoilt Iranian kids decide to get near the dancers and start imitating and dancing/interfering with the Flamenco dancers. While everyone is horrified by the scene of these kids, the Iranian mothers rush to the scene, and rather than taking their kids out of there, they knee down with their digital cameras and joyously start taking pictures of their kids dancing. Then those f**king mothers start clapping and smiling anxiously with the music, encouraging the kids (in Farsi) to continue, as if they were proud of their litters' performance.

Meanwhile the fathers (or the mother-f**kers) are standing far away at the bar, sipping their drinks with big smiles, and their heads moving with the rhythm of the music, enjoying the scene at the dance floor filled with their litters, and their idiotic wives, admiring their rotten kids.

I felt like getting up and telling these A-holes that this is not the Chuckee-Cheese restaurant. It is past 10:00 p.m. and your darling kids should be in bed -- not here, where people came to have an adult time, rather than being in a f**king kindergarten.  

My lady stopped me from confronting these nouveau-riche Iranian hillbillies. She tried to cool me down, reminding me that these Persian people's education level shows that they made their money in some second-hand car dealership or some foreclosure real estate business, thus are probably a bunch of thugs and obaash underneath the lavish spending and expensive outfits. She said if I confront them, they'll probably beat the hell out of me as we walk to the parking lot to leave.

I said, "what if I give them $40 to get a baby-sitter next time?".

"Oh, no", she replied, "flashing money the way they are doing, they'll probably offer you $400 to get the f**K out of here, not interfering with their enjoyment -- their way".

So, I decided to go to the Hyatt Hotel manager and complain. After checking the situation, he said the 4 couples were hotel guests, having flown from some cold destination and were enjoying the nice warm temperature of an outdoor bar in Arizona while it was snowing back at their home state.

Anyway, by that time, it was already 11:00 p.m. and the Flamenco dancers had finished their performance.

As I walked back to my table, I started thinking: Are these Iranian hillbillies even  educate-able. With their egomania, they probably think they already know it all. After all, they have reached a point in the US (within a relatively short few years) where they have amassed enough money that affords them to multiply like rabbits and to spend their money lavishly traveling with their friends and kids across the US and stay in a 4-star hotel.

Nobody can teach these guys anything. They behave as if they know it all, and are above any criticism, simply because they feel they can buy the whole place and throw you out at will.   I bet none of them would even read, let alone this article that may ring a bell... ding ding ding. Yes dear, we are talking about YOU. Comment

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