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Lady of the earth

February 13, 2001
The Iranian
Persian original


You are the murmur of freshness on waters' mouth

The rhyme of every song in the breathing of the breeze

The sound of the wail hidden in the rain.


I have cried your name on the threshold of four seasons

Disturbing the hibernation of plants and animals,

And, now, it is just to see you

That this river runs so fast.


The thirst of the earth

The satiation of clouds

And the green of vegetation

Are all because of you.


You let the gazelles move leisurely

You make the horses gallop without care

And it is because of you

That the sea curls around our feet

Like a demanding cat.


You are a morning star around the neck of the sun

You are the seasons' changing on the tresses of stars

And the harmony of light and darkness

In the stature of seasons.


Against the bitter years

I took you up in my hands

And the formidable night

Packed off

And disappeared.

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