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She changed overnight
Before and after getting a Green Card

By Kasra
February 25, 2000
The Iranian

This is an email from a reader -- not an article. It's just dard-o-del. Sadly, it's not uncommon.

I have been living in America for the past 40 years. In 1965 I married an American woman who had two small children. I adopted thm as my own, plus we had two sons together. I lived with them until the divorce in 1982.

Last year I went to Iran and met a good-looking 35-year-old woman who had been married before. She told me many sad stories about her life that included part-time prostitution and drug addiction. She also told me she was adopted when she was just a year old. Her father and Polish mother and her older sister had come to America and left her with an aunt in Iran!

According to her, she was raised in a family who had a son (now a doctor) and a girl (now married to a rich man). Therefore, her brother and sister were not blood related and she was not getting any help from them. She asked me to help her to get out of Iran, come to United States and find her real parents and blood-related older sister. I wanted to save her from prostitution and help her to find her loved ones.

Last summer we went to Dubai and got married. When I returned to America, I applied to get her a Green Card. While she was living in Tehran, I was supporting her and paid her expenses. She was not working. Before she came to the U.S., I met her in Dubai twice and each time I spent lots of money on her and we had lots of fun and good healthy sex. I am a healthy man and do not inject or take pills to have sex.

When she arrived we had great love affairs and I felt like the luckiest person on earth! After two months her Green Card arrived and I gave it to her. A day after that she changed 180 degrees! She would make excuses and start fights. She tore up 200 love letters that were exchanged between us. She tore up our many pictures taken together in Dubai. (Of course she did not know that in America we make two prints from our films!). It seemed she was trying to erase every evidence of our time together.

She started to buy lots of clothing, jewelry, etc. I spent lots of money just on her shopping within a short time. Every time I refused to buy her something she would start a fight and she would say, "If you are man enough, hit me! Hit me on the face show me you are a man!"

A couple of weeks later she started an argument and then threw an ashtray at me, which hit the wall in our bedroom, and I did nothing. Then she came closer to me and stepped on my right foot very hard. It was really painful. At this time, I spanked her very hard on her behind. This started a storm. She began hitting herself on her face! She hit her nose and began bleeding at the same time screaming loud and accusing me of wanting to kill her. I realized then that I am in big trouble. I tried to hold her hands and arms to stop her biting herself (self-injury). During the struggle we both fell over five suitcases that she had filled up with her purchases. At this time she ran out and went to the apartment manager's house and they notified the police. The police came and arrested me and took me to jail.

I told the police what had happened and they wrote in their report what I had said but she lied and told them so many bad things about me which is unbelievable. She fabricated so many things about our sex life. It was beyond belief. She made me look like someone who cannot perform sexually. Because of her background in prostitution, she knew what to tell the police that would hurt the most. For example, I never asked her to masturbate for me. She told the police what her first husband used to do to her and according to her, he was a sex maniac. I have a copy of the letter she wrote to her brother about this fact.

According to the police I cannot get in touch with her. She came to my house with two large but almost empty suitcases and left my house with five and I ended up paying $130 for the extra weight at Chicago airport.

My offence is a misdemeanor and I'm waiting for the trial. From the day of our marriage to the day she left my house, I spent more than $40,000 on her, not including a car. Before her Green Card arrived, she was so kind, loving, caring and all was good. After the Green Card she turned and become a beast and evil person. According to telephone bills she had called her boyfriend in Iran on the seventh day of her arrival at my house. Not once but four times!

I am wondering if any one of your readers has had a similar experience or have heard such a story before. I tried to help this lady and bring her to this country for a decent and ethical life but now I am paying the price for my good heart! I do not know what to do and I am very upset. By the way it turned out that her parents had never left Iran and she had no Polish mother. Her brother and sister are blood related. I am friendly with her brother and we exchange emails. He is very upset with what she has done to me. She is and was a professional liar. Life is interesting!

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