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Other Iranians of the year

April 11, 2000
The Iranian

Here are all others who received votes in the Iranian of the year survey.

Iranian of the year 1379/1999 main index

* People
- Those who stayed
- Bold measures
- Come to their senses
- Blow to ayatollahs
* Soccer team
- Never emotional, except
- Ambassadors
- Azizi the Great
- Symbol
- Showed the world
- Iran's best
* Hamid-Reza Jalaie-Pour
- Not afriad
- Remains religious
* Abbas Kiarostami
- Cultural bridge
* Kamran Elahian
- Need more like him
* Women
- Changing world opinion
- Wonderful program
- Extraordinary efforts
- Did her best
Ebadi, Kar
- Courageous courage
Simin Behbahani:
- Conviction
All women:
- Excelled despite...
- Women in Iran
* Ayatollah Khamenei
- Wise realization
- Hardliners, IF...
* Others
- Really really super
- What about me?
- Taxi drivers
- Football team? Come on!

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* Changing world opinion

Amanpour: Producing TV news segments, reports, and special programs, that were broadcast worldwide, with a major impact in changing world opimion about the Iranian people. Her contribution can have a major impact on improving Iran's relations with the rest of the world and expedite the changes within the current regime. See feature here


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* Wonderful program

My choice is Christiane Amanpour for her comprehensive coverage of the parliamentary elections and her wonderful one-hour special on Iran that was aired on CNN. See feature here

Mohammad Hassan Dehghan-Pisheh

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* Extraordinary efforts

For her extraordinary efforts to bring the U.S. & Iran closer together by portraying Iran as what it really is, despite working in a heavily-biased environment -- the American media.

Marty Zargar

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* Did her best

Amanpour did her best in the portrayal of the ever-surviving elite of Iran -- the "hezaar faameel" -- as normal Iranians having a normal night-life at their soirees.


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* Courageous critics

Shirin Ebadi, along with some others like Ms. Mehrangiz Kar, were the most honest and courageous critics of the current legislature in Iran, asking for equity of the sexes and protection of the family. Ebadi is also following the case about the chain murders in the fall of 1998. See feature here

Seyed Bahram Zahir Azami

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* Conviction

Simine Behbahani: For her courage, conviction, expertise and fight for human rights. See feature here

F. Safari

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* Excelled despite...

My choice of the most significant Iranians of the year are all the Iranian women who withstand and thrive in an atmosphere of injustice and discrimination within their families and communities , and have not had the benefit of legal support throughout the patriarchal history of the "modern" human, yet have managed to excel in the arena of arts and science and family planning and primary education and are closing the gender gap in every society every day.

Azin Nezami

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* All women in Iran

All women in Iran for standing against discriminations, segregation, and extremists, and supporting new ideas. And also all "degar andishaan" who lost their lives for standing in front of all kind of inequalities and censorship.

F. Safa

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* Those who stayed

The Iranian of the year is the common man in the streets who has lived in Iran while those of us elsewhere have spent 20 years complaining. Those in Iran made a living and built the country! The Iranian people persevered and never let anyone control them, even those who were against the government and stayed in Iran. They did so out of love for the nation and hoped to better it, these are true patriots, not those who left and now complain. Those of us who left have no right to criticize what is happening in Iran today. We gave up that right along with our Iranian passports. So the Iranian of the year is THE ENTIRE IRANIAN NATION!

Reza Velayati

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* Bold measures

I believe the Iranian of the year should be the people of Iran. They were insulated in a stringent and hopeless situation without clear direction in a country at war with itself. Through a grass-root movement, an influential leadership emerged. Hand-in-hand the new found leaders and citizens took bold measures to authoritate and control their current system and the future of their country. These people united are the country's heroes and its light of hope. It is time to give credit were it is deserved most.

Shirin Rassool

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* Come to their senses

All the people of Iran for having finally come to their senses and questioned the lies of the mollas.

Hamid Boroumand

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* Blow to ayatollahs

Iranian people for having dealt the ayatollahs a very heavy blow, and defeating the right-wing and its beloved candidate, Rafsanjani !


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National soccer team

* Never emotional, except

This soccer team representing my country has not failed to bring tears of pride and excitement to my eyes every time I saw them play. That is quite a sensation for a 45-year-old man who almost never gets emotional. See feature here

Amir Badakhshan

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* Ambassadors

Because I watched them play at Rose Ball and they were fantastic and good ambassadors for Iran. Not to mention they showed America that we RULE in soccer.

Niloufar Pourzand

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* Azizi the Great

Not only is Khodad Azizi one of the greatest athletes in the history of Iran, but he has single-handedly instilled spirit, hope, pride and a feeling of unity amongst all Iranians worldwide! See feature here

Bryan Raassi

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* Symbol

A symbol of the attitude of a new generation. Peace + Respect + Being the best they can be internationally.

Khosrow Hassibi

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* Showed the world

They showed the world that Iranians are freindly, kind, janivan (?) and have a big heart.

Mike Tabrizian

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* Iran's best

They are the best Iran has to offer.


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Abbas Kiarostami

* Cultural bridge

While his importance is not limited to this last year, he did just finish one of his most wonderful films which was once again lauded worldwide. I feel strongly that throughout a period where strain and conflict has reigned in Iran's relationship with the West, Kiarostami's work has been a bridge showing the world the wealth and beauty of Iranian culture in subtle cinematic forms. His work is not only considered groundbreaking fillmmaking by some of the world's foremost directors (Werner Herzog considers him a master of the cinema whose talent is matched only by Kurosawa's), he has also been able to transcend the issues of politics and territorial identity to create magnificent humanistic works. Paradoxically he has done this by always delving into the most Iranian of details throughout his body of work. I continually am humbled and inspired by his talent and insights. See feature here

Dorna Khazeni

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Kamran Elahian

* Need more like him

There are many successful Iranians in the world. Unlike Israelies, they seldom try to help their country. Elahian is a man who has. We are proud of him and we need more Iranians like him. See feature here

Mehdi Farid

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Hamid-Reza Jalaie-Pour

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* Not afraid

He is tenacious and persistent and not afraid to push the envelope. See feature here

Kavous Roumina

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* Remains religious

While he stands up to the conservatives on certain issues of freedom, he remains very religious not forsaking his faith in God.

Gina Jordan

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Ayatollah Ali Kahamenei

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* Wise realization

Ayatollah Khamenei: Because his curiousity, wise realization, and timely intervention against the excesses of the hardliners since last summer allowed for the reform movement to blossom. After all, the tree of freedom also casts a shadow of peace under which he too can rest. Were he had acted otherwise, blood would have replaced the ballot.

Guive Mirfendereski

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* Hardliners, IF...

My men of the year are the leaders of the hardliners IF they accept and respect the resault of the Majlis elections. That will include Mr. Nategh-Nouri, Mr. Bahonar, and Mr. MesbahYazdi.


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* Really really super

Hassan Soltani: Because I said so and he is coolio. Seriously though, he is nice and considerate and really really super.


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* Taxi drivers

A collective award to Iranian taxi dirvers for their incredible driving skills in the face of severe adversity, ie other drivers.

Simon Jeans

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* What about me?

I am greatly disturbed and disappointed that my name is not on that list.


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* Football team? Come on!

It's sad that we are limited to political crookss, greedy capitalists, religious fanatics, and anarchists. The national football team? come on! My choice for the Iranian of the year is Dr. Mohammed Homayon Bozorgnia. His leadership, dedication, hard work, vision, and athletic abilities have been inspiration to all Iranians in Arizona.

Mack Baniameri

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