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Reza Pahlavi, mayor of Karaj?

Test run
Reza Pahlavi should fly to Tehran

By Omid Ashraf
January 31, 2001
The Iranian

I read "Citizen Pahlavi" and must say I wholeheartedly agree. But I have a few suggestions.

First though, I must say the general rhetoric and timing sounds an awful lot like those times when Reza's father was about to be re-instated. With "W" in the White House (let us not forget that George Sr. was the head of the CIA during our tormented times) and the Cold-War team in charge of U.S.-Iran relations, the whole thing seems a little too familiar.

But that's just too crazy. Back to my suggestions.

Aqa Reza should approach this like starting a new business. The premise being: "Will the people of Iran buy my product, that is, do they want a government that will revive their rich history and gloried past?"

Being the grandson of a colonel who took over Iran by force, I think it might be stretching it a bit, but I could be wrong. With the right PR and advertising, it just might work. (I mean let's be honest: don't we all miss the puppet?)

In order to market his product, I suggest a limited test-run or a focus-group approach to see what the consumer response is.

He should fly to Mehrabad, and very carefully open the door of the plane. If he hears several "POP! POP!, Poppity-POP! POP!s" he should close the door and return to Virginia, as quickly as possible.

This will be an indication that his product needs major modifications and a whole new ad-campaign will be required.

If he does not hear any "POP!" sounds, he should get off the plane (quickly) and proceed to run for political office -- let's say -- the mayor of Karaj. This would be the first test to see how well his product does in the Iranian consumer market.

Once he has proven the value, usefulness and quality of his product, he can push it a little further. Like becoming the mayor of Qazvin, or a member of Majlis from Gilan. Eventually he could become the president where he could finally live in his old home again. Or close by.

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