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Mahdiyeh Javid

A regular column in THE IRANIAN TIMES by 15-year-old Mahdiyeh Javid from Tehran, where she will talk about life in the Iranian capital.


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Chand chandan?!
November 18, Aban 27: rooz-e yekshanbeh keh baazi-ye iraan va jaapon bood sar-e kelaas boodam. baraay-e hamin bacheh-haa raadiyo avordeh boodand. too-ye har kelaas had-e aqal do-seh taa raadio bood. saal-e aakhari-haa keh hamashoon raadio hamraashoon bood.

too-ye kelaas maa faqat yek raadio bood. mo'alem-e sar-e kelaas (adabiyaat) ham boo bordeh bood. bedooneh moqadameh az dokhtari keh raadio daasht porsid: "shomaa raadio ovordeed?". dokhtareh goft, "nah bekhodaa khanoom!" Mo'alememoon goft, "ageh ovordeed beh man begeen." dokhtareh baz javaab daad: "nah, begardinam!"

moa'lememoon daasht ma'ni-ye yek she'r raa meegoft va hameh beh aoo tavajoh mikardand chon baazi dar vaght-e esteraahat-e beyn-e do neemeh bood.

yeho mo'alememoon vasat harfesh dobaareh roo kard beh oon dokhtareh va goft: "chand chandan?!" dokhtareh goft: "ya'ni chi khanoom?!" mo'alememoon abroohaasho andaakht baalaa va kheyli jedi goft: "goftam chand chandan?!" dokhtareh een dafe' tarseed. paashod va goft: "1-0 beh nafe' jaapon!"

mo'alememoon goft: "besheen!" va shoroo kard baqiyeh-ye dars raa daadan. bacheh-haa mordeh boodan az khandeh.

mo'alememoon goft keh peeshnahaad kardeh bood keh kelaas raa ta'teel konand taa bacheh-haa footbaal bebeenand (kelaas-e pesar-haa ta'teel bood) vali nagozaashtand chon dokhtarhaa "janbeh nadaarand va beh velgardi meeravand!"

vaqti az madreseh barmeegashtam khooneh, dar koocheh-ee keh hameesheh sholooq bood parandeh par nemeezad. (English text)

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What's the score?!
November 18, Aban 27: I was in school when Iran played Japan on Sunday. The kids had brought radios to listen to the game. There were two or three radios in each class. Almost all the seniors had brought radios too.

We had only one radio in our class and our literature teacher sort of knew it too. She turned to the girl with the radio and said, "Have you brought a radio?" The girl said, "No! I swear to God I haven't!" The teacher said, "If you have brought a radio let me know." The girl said, "No. You can search me if you want!"

Our teacher was analysing a poem. At this point every one was paying attention because it was half-time in the soccer match.

Suddenly, our teacher turned to the girl with the radio and said, "What's the score?!" The girl said, "What do you mean. ma'am?" Our teacher raised her eyebrows and said sternly, "I said what's the score?!" The girl was scared this time. She stood up and siad, "1-0 in favor of Japan!"

Our teacher said, "Sit down!" and continued her teaching. The kids were dying from laughter.

Our teacher said she had proposed to cancel the class (the boys ' classes had been canceled) so that the kids could watch the game. But it was not accepted because "the girls don't have self-control and they would've gone wandering in the streets!"

When I walked back home after class, the usually-busy street was deserted. (Persian text)

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Eshq-e telefoni
November 11, Aban 20: dar nazdeekee-ye madreseh-ye maa yek super (maghaazeh) has keh telefon omoomi daareh. dokhtarhaa hamisheh nim saa'at ghabl az inkeh madreseh shoroo besheh miyaan keh zang bezanand (beh doost pesaraashoon).

yek dokhtareh hast keh nemisheh goft ghashangeh vali baaaaad nist. Doost moost ziyaad daareh va roo har kodoomeshoon yek esm gozaashteh, masalan Petros (Petros pesar-e fadaakaar yaadeteh? too-ye kelaas dovom dabestaan mikhonand bachehaa keh yek sad soorakh misheh va Petros angoshtesh ro tooyeh soorakh mikoneh taa aab sad nareh). yaa masalan Bon Jovi va ghiyreh.

een dokhtareh har ruz zohr va bad-az-zohr miyaad beh yek kodoom az eeinhaa zang mizaneh. Yekeeshoon hast keh engaar sar-e kaar mireh. dokhtareh khaarej az saf miyaad va migeh "yek daghigheh yek daghigheh faghat bebinam az sar kaar oomadeh ya nah." ba'd ham zang mizaneh va daghighan hamin kalamaat raa migeh (az bass gofteh, hefz shodam) "salaam azizam khoubi? az sar-e kaar oomadi? khasteh nabaashi. dobaareh da'vaat nashodeh baa saheb kaaret..." va ghiyreh....." (eshveh faramosh nashavad). (English text)

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The love line
There's a store near our school which has a public phone. Every morning, half an hour before school starts, the girls come to call their boyfriends.

There's one girl who's not that good looking (but she's okay). She has a lot of friends. And she has a nick name for all of them, like "Petros" (rememberPetros "The Brave Boy" from 2nd grade text books? He's the one who prevented a flood by sticking his thumb in the crack of a dam), or "Bon Jovi" (the rock star).

This girl comes to the store every day and calls one of these boys. One of these boys has a job, apparently. She cuts into the queue and says, "I just one to make a one minute call, just one minute. I want to see if he's back from work or not."

Then she makes her call and says these exact words every time (I've heard it so many times, I've memorized it ): "Hi honey. How are you? You're back from work? I hope you're not too tired. Did you have an argument with your boss again?" etc., etc. (Don't forget to picture her flirtatious body language.) (Persian text)

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