Soroush's moral support
for Sarkuhi

From: Kourosh Parsa

Ba SalAm,

Democratic Network of Iran's (DNI) initiative and campaign to free Sarkuhi began in mid February after Faraj Sarkuhi and Parvin Ardalan's arrest on January 27 ,1997. This initiative has been quite successful and has attracted 381 signatures from Iranian professionals, writers and concerned non-Iranians. The list includes concerned Iranian citizens from the political spectrum and therefore it is a non-partisan, non-political effort (no intention of gaining political power by any entity).

The more recent addition to the list is Dr. Reza Barahani who is a poet, novelist and literary theorist. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada. He was one of the six individuals (including Faraj Sarkuhi) who were in charge of finalizing the Writer's Guild charter in Iran.

I had a conversation with Dr. Soroush in New York after his speech on religion and rationality at New York University. He told me that he supports the human rights work, but would rather write his own letters. I asked him if he pledeges his moral support for this campaign and freedom for Faraj Sarkuhi and he said yes. I told him that I will announce this in Internet. Dr. Soroush did not object to that.

Will Soroush's moral support lead the way for the religious liberals to join the ranks of "others" for the "freedom of expression campaign" in Iran?

The complete list of the siugnatories is not given here. You can find the complete list at DNI's homepage.



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