He was wrong. But so what?

From: Babak Jahromi babakj@MICROSOFT.com

Regarding your "What's the fuss" commentary about Soroush:

I agree that Soroush's contribution to closing the universities (EnghelAbeh Farhangee - Cultural Revolution) was wrong. But so what? Are we looking for another perfect man and finding out that Soroush is not one? Are we going to put all of our trust in Soroush and therefore apprehensive that he might make another mistake?

I think his approach is the best attempt at changing the role of religion in Iran, which in my belief is one of the biggest problems we have. We cannot just kill religion overnight (and we would not want to). We need to position it to where it really belongs: out of politics and out of the legal system. And I find Soroush's approach at accomplishing this goal the most effective and realistic.

Babak Jahromi, Seattle, WA

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