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The treasures of Lake Hamun
An archaeological site in eastern Iran creates excitement.
Nersi Ramazan-nia

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Autocratic. Immature.
Why the Pahlavi monarchy fell.
Dr. Ahmad Ashraf

It was all their fault
Conspiracies theories explaining the 1979 revolution.
Daniel Pipes

It was all his fault
Where did the Russian Revolution go wrong.
David Remnick

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Democracy or Theocracy
Ferdowsi's poetry sheds lights on ancient political thinking.
Dr. Mahmoud Sadri

Velayate Faqih Sassani?
Sassanid government was a political and religious unity.
J.M. Roberts

Persians: Haven't changed much
Greek historian's view of ancient Persians. Herodotus

The influence of Ibn Sina and Razi
How Renaissance Europe learned from Persian physicians.
Cyril Elgood

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Articles in the History section of previous issues of THE IRANIAN

Dec96/Jan 1997

Tozieh (Persian)
The background to Jalal Al-e Ahmad's trip to the USSR in 1964.
Shams Al-e Ahmad

Aqa Ejzaeh? (Persian)
Going to SAVAK headquarters to get permission to travel.
Jalal Al-e Ahmad

Bihali Enqelabi (Persian)
The human spirit: a casualty of the revolution in Russia.
Jalal Al-e Ahmad

Sept/Oct/Nov 1996

A special section on Alborz High School in 1944-45. Thanks to Mahmoud Shahbodaghi (Webmaster, Soroush) for lending the yearbook.

Tarikhcheh Dabirestan Alborz (Persian)
The American Mission started Alborz started as an elementary school in 1878.

Aqa Moalemha (Persian)
A student writes about his teachers.

Yek Shookhi (Persian)
Initiation: The earliest record of an American tradition in an Iranian school?

Shagerd Avaliha (Persian)
The top students in each grade.

Varzeshkaran (Persian)
Sportsmen pose for the camera.

July/August 1996

25 milyoon dolar aslaheh baraye koja?! (Persian)
"Towfiq" editorial in 1947 against arms purchases from the U.S.

Payam al-Arabi (Persian)
Preelection satire with a clerical accent in "Towfiq", 1947.

Ashpazi Shah Abbasi (Persian)
Safavid Royal chef prays and then reveals a few of his secret recipes.

May/June 1996

Qaribi va Zaban Nafahmi dar Vatan (Persian)
On the spread of English words in Iranian vocabulary in 1973.
Ali Akbar Saidi Sirjani

Aya in Iranist? (Persian)
In 1959, the French used a bearded Iranian man for beer promotion.

Chera Filme Irani Misazand? (Persian)
Commentator laments cheap nudity in Iranian films.

Kotak-kari Dokhtaran baraye Vigen (Persian)
School girls go crazy for young Vigen.

Beh Sare Kachal Mardom Cheh Kar Darid? (Persian)
Barbers hike their rates, upsetting a bald reporter.

March/April 1996

Winter of 1956: Majlis Elections (Persian)
Headlines and news from a typical example of "free and fair" elections.

From Moscovic to Marilyn Monroe (Persian)
Silly and serious Iranian newspaper ads in the 1950's.

Dokhtar khanom! Movazeb bashid! (Persian)
Iranian female courtship rules circa 1954. Outrageous!

Jan/Feb 1996

Post-Mortem (Persian)
Headlines from the days of the revolution.

Clueless in Tehran
How Americans evaluated the Shah and the revolution.

Culture is the Key
Dr. Khanlari's advice on overcoming social decay.

Are You Cracking Up? (Persian)
A Mosaddeq-era magazine clipping.

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