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October 25, 2001
Never give up
Soccer players, and the rest of us, need an attitude adjustment

February 15, 2000
Sudden Godzilla
Does this Eye-rainian explode at the end of the movie?

October 12, 1999
Of fate and maman joon
This is very mo-hem, midoony?

May 31, 1999
L.A. wedding
"This was bigger than Princess Di's"

March 4, 1999
Interview in LA LA land
Akhy, the super nova of the Iranian music scene, speaks... unfortunately

October 28, 1998
War, Iranian style
Ta'rof is, in fact, prepartation for a major battle

August 6, 1998
Nike Man
Convincing Jod (aka Javad) to give you a pair of sneakers on credit

June 26, 1998
World Cup Lessons

June 23, 1998
U.S. vs. Iran: More than a game
On and off the field

June 15, 1998l
Better than expected
World Cup 98: Iran 0 -Yugoslavia 1

May 26, 1998
Donkey love
"It's not my donkey's fault that your donkey seduced him."

May 1, 1998
The life and times of tahDig
Divine food

March 20, 1998
Iranian hospitality attack
A survival guide for the non-Iranian traveler

March 16, 1998
eid-didany = Eat 'til you're beat
A very special Iranian New Year tradition

February 19, 1998
The Sub Man
Think teachers have an easy job? Try it for a few hours

December 22, 1997
Ho ho ho no more
Kissing Christmas good-bye

December 2, 1997
For the record
The soccer match with Australia: Paris here we come


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