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1955 (Click here for larger photo): Front from left Mrs Marandi, Mrs Rohami, Mrs Kamyabi-Pour, Mrs Jahanbeen, Mrs Reza-Zadeh, Mrs Seyed-Javadi (deceased), Mrs Mokhaberi, Mohammad Reza Shah, Mrs Khamneie, Mrs Mehdiyoun, Mrs Bagheri, Mrs Shahrokhi, Mrs Baghaie, Mrs Azar-Barzin, Mrs Hekmat-Manesh, Mrs Rabiie, Mrs Zomorodi, (don't recall the last lady).

Back from left behind Mrs Marandi: Lt. Iraj Mokhaberi (crashed F-27), Lt. Golshahian (crashed C-130), to the right and back: Lt. Kamal Ghorban-Zadeh (deputy air force commander after 1979), front right: Lt. Reza Salahshour, back Lt. Reza-Zadeh, front Lt. Menu-Sepehr, Lt. Rohani, back behind him Lt. Haj-Moneeri, Lt. Jarahi, Lt. Bahman Bagheri (air force commander after 1979), behind Shah, Lt. Saeed Mehdiyoun (executed), Lt. Shapour Khorami, Lt. Parviz Vakili, Lt. Hekmat-Manesh, Lt. Baghaie (deceased), Lt. Afshar-Tous, Lt. Hossein Mehrmand, Lt. Zomorodi (crashed DC-3), Lt. Asre-Jadeed, Lt. Mousavi, Lt. Hadi Ghaemi, Lt. Savoji. (Click here for larger photo)


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