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    Royal diary


    1872 painting of Nasseredin Shah by Kamal-al-Molk

    Qebleye Alam
    Could have been from Nasseredin Shah's diary

    January 14, 1999
    The Iranian

    Reading the diaries of Nasseredin Shah (1848 - 1896) is pure entertainment. The man, who is very comfortable with his title as Qebleye Alam (divine center of the world, more or less), writes about the most vain and bizarre events that frequently invite chuckles. His daily chronicles say a lot not just about Nasseredin Shah but our rulers in general. How in the world do they reach the top and stay on top? And what does that say about us in the bottom?

    But the following pages (in Persian) reprinted in Par magazine (Dey 1377 / January 1999) is a piece of satire by Jalaledin Khaleqi written in Naseredin Shah's own style. And what a wonderful job he has done ...

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