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Government Access

Data Communications Company of Iran
Tehran Main: [dci, dci1, dci2, dci3, dci4, dci5, dci6]
Mobile Division:
Embassy of Australia
Embassy of Indonesia
Embassy of Kazakhstan
Embassy of Sri Lanka
Embassy of Turkey
Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran (official)
Web: (under construction)
High Council of Informatics
Institute for Political & International Studies
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization
Contact: Farzad Sharif
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, IRIB
IRIB External Service
IRIB Research Center
Parliament Research Center
Contact: Ali Ebrahimi

Web: (unreachable at this point)
Remarks: Large LAN of 90+ networked PCs.

Ministry of Agriculture
Contact: Alireza Dehghan

Remarks: Small LAN of 3-4 machines and routers.

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education
Contact: Mr. Ahmadian,

Remarks: Small LAN of at least four machines.

Ministry of Energy
Contact (deputy minister):
Ministry of Health & Medical Education
Contact: Mr. Noori Fard,
Ministry of Jahaad-e Saazandegi (Construction Crusade)

Remarks: Small LAN of 3-4 machines and routers.

National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)
Office of National and Expatriate Iranian Scholars Scientific Information Network
Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

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