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December 9, 1999

Hope in future

The Iranian has an interesting collection of letters on its homepage right now - but one I keep coming back to is the passionate letter by 14-year-old Rahill Jamalifard called "Long Live Iran". I remember being 14, I remember the hope that springs at that age for the future and for full involvement in that future. It is like waking up from the dream of childhood and becoming aware of one's surroundings as if for the first time. It is hopefully also a protected awakening. For the future of Iran - it is that fresh, proud hope that we must all protect.

I have sympathy for the views expressed by Mr. Shahri in his letter "Kiss ass" - it is hard to live in a country that is so wealthy and so oblivious to the deprivation suffered in the developing world and at the same time to feel truly thankful for partaking in that wealth. We enjoy our wealth made in America from a system that rests on the backs of millions who will never share even a measure of our good fortune. Iran is a country filled with those people and most of them are young and still hopeful like Rahill Jamalifard.

I also have sympathy for the views expressed in Nariman Neyshapouri's letter "Fuggedaboudit" - it is a cynical view. But it is one that denies much of the hard work being painstakingly carried out by dedicated Iranians in Washington to struggle in the face of all odds to educate, inform and bring honest political representation for the many Iranians who live in the United States. It is not true that groups who are not politically involved are more successful than those who are.

A stunning example are the Jewish/Israeli interest groups that define America's political and economic landscape. By any measure of success, whether it be entrepreneurial, or political - Judaism and Israel have made it in America. Iranian representation should not discouraged because of the strength of the opposition - instead we should be encouraged that in such a system a group can grow that strong. We should be ready to succeed on all fronts - education, business, politics - one is not exclusive of the others.

Iran is entering a delicate phase - the young people of Iran are hopeful and hungry for jobs, information, a representative political system. As an older member of that community it is my responsibility to do everything I can to bring those hopes to fruition. If it is building schools and hospitals lets get to it, if it is ensuring that our communities around the world are well represented and not unfairly harassed lets work on that too. To Rahill Jamalifard, your honesty and pride give me hope - may your future as an Iranian / American be bright and successful.

Minou Aghamiri

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