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November 2, 1999

When will we learn?

Last Saturday, October 30, we went to a concert in Burlingame, California. The two entertainers, Ebi and Bijan Mortazavi were great, and put in a lot of effort, love and dedication to please the audience. What I don't understand is why don't the organizers choose a more appropriate venue?

You see they had round tables all around a beautiful ballroom at the Hyatt Hotel in Burlingame, but the problem was that a lot of the tables were placed so that people could not see the stage, or the entertainers. I mean if we wanted to just hear the voices, we could put on a CD or cassette at home and not pay $35.00 per ticket.

The other problem was the time of the concert was not announced on the tickets. I don't know whether the organizers think that's smart, or think that people don't have to have that kind of information, or perhaps people don't care. I just don't know where they're coming from.

The other problem was that if you politely asked to sit at a table someone would tell you that the whole table is booked. What the hell does that mean? Is it not supposed to be first come first served? I sure don't get it.

The other problem was that after half an hour, when Ebi got real hot and into it, people started getting up, and before long you had all but like 10 tables (out of maybe 150 tables) standing up, and blocking everyone else, and sure enough a fight started. I heard a security person say "I knew something was going to happen."

It is so ridicules that after being in this country for over 20 years our people have not learned to do things the right way. I truly believe Iranians are extremely humble, and then there are those few who take advantage of that and just do things that are beneficial to themselves, and others don't count. What a shame.

Shirin Razavi

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